Blood Trails II: The Truth About Bowhunting

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This hardcover book is filled with action-packed hunting stories from one of the nation’s most prolific and philosophical big game hunters. Completely updated and revised, Blood Trails II shares Ted’s hunting stories that get the adrenaline flowing in even the most jaded of hunting veterans.

Each exciting hunt makes you feel as if you are right there alongside Ted as he comes to full draw or slowly squeezes the trigger of his firearm. You’ll feel like you are sharing in his gratitude and joy as he bags a wide variety of big game. You’ll feel as though you just returned from the hunt yourself!

Learn from Ted how to improve your arrow placement with his three-step archery prayer for shooting accuracy. Reflect on the blessings of the hunting season and how "self-sufficiency, after all, is the ultimate American Dream of independence and individualism . . . no doubt about it, hunting is the last and best way to remain in touch with a planet that miraculously sustains us all." Get charged with his love of bringing archery to neophytes, "Every man, woman, boy, or girl, falls in love with the Zen-like charge of making that next arrow better."

"In this day and age of intense scheduling and crazy pace, I prescribe peaceful time in the wild together to bring a family closer together and upgrade and increase the happy times together. Life is a BBQ. These grand family hunting adventures are the sauce for the soul." Ted Nugent


Preface/Introduction by Ted Nugent: Over 40 Years of Bowhunting
Introduction by Bob Munger: Lifelong Hunting Companion and Friend of Fred Bear
Introduction by Inspector Frank Mitchell: Inspector for the Detroit Police Department and Avid Bowhunter
Ted Nugent’s World Bowhunters By-Laws
The Hunting vs. Anti-Hunting Game
Mother Nature Is a Bitch, But I Still Love Her
Ask Uncle Ted How to Maximize Your Spirit of the Wild
Nuge’s Favorite HuntStories
Highlight Hunts

  • A Miracle Triple on Barbary Sheep of Texas
  • A Trophy For Rocco
  • Annual Baptizmal Deer Hunt
  • Bowhunting Boy Scouts
  • Buckos Encontado
  • Family Hunt Celebration
  • Frozen Pork of the Virgin Tundra
  • Naked Soul
  • Nyala – The Most Beautiful Antelope in the World
  • Rock ‘n’ Roll Wild Boar Hunting-Hogmando
  • Snowhogs
  • The Beast from Nowhere

Why I Hunt
Hunting Techniques
About Ted

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