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Standing by Nuge Java, Ted and Shemane Nugent want you to have more for less! Larger orders of Nuge Java now receive greatly reduced shipping costs. Single bag orders now ship for 50% less than our previous rates, and orders of 10+ bags save even more!

Selected By Ted

"Over the years, I've come to truly appreciate a killer cup of Joe.  I've experimented with great coffees around the world, and I've discovered the truly ultimate bean. The experiment is over!"
- Ted

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The Original

A robust blend of medium & dark roasts

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Killerbrew Hazelnut

Creamy & mellow, with a surprising depth of flavor

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Warm, Spicy & Aromatic

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Why Nuge Java?

We use a medium roasted bean high grown at an altitude of 1320 meters above sea level from the region of Huehuetenango, Guatemala for our coffee. This 130.5 hectare farm produces 2000 bags per year. The beans are washed in natural spring water and spread on patios to sun dry for the first few days before being put in drying machines to complete the drying process.

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