Amboy Dukes & Damn Yankees

Don’t Tread

The second studio album from Damn Yankees is another slice of the rock and roll stylings that are Nugent’s trademark. The track “Dirty Dog” features a catchy hook and chorus, with excellent guitar mastery and a killer drum line while the title track “Don’t Tread On Me” evokes the heavy guitar vibe of Def Leppard. One of the best tracks that demonstrate Uncle Ted’s salivating guitar licks is “This Side of Hell”, reminiscent of early Aerosmith. This energetic and brawny album is sure to satisfy any heavy-metal lover.

Released: 1992
Record Label: Warner Brothers

  • 1. Don’t Tread On Me
  • 2. Fifteen Minutes Of Fame
  • 3. Where You Goin’ Now
  • 4. Dirty Dog
  • 5. Mister Please
  • 6. Silence Is Broken
  • 7. Firefly
  • 8. Someone To Believe
  • 9. This Side Of Hell
  • 10. Double Coyote
  • 11. Uprising