Amboy Dukes & Damn Yankees

Loaded For Bear

This great compilation CD brings together the first three mainstream albums by the seminal Detroit band Amboy Dukes, along with Ted's beginnings. Amboy Dukes famously combined psychedelia with loud guitar to create a unique sound (Nuge, in early liner notes, explained that he "didn't know what those opium pipes were on the album cover.") 

Tracks like "Journey to the Center of the Mind" and "Colors" hint at a newfound awareness and these tracks, as well as the cover of Them's "Baby Please Don't Go", were hits for the band. Nugent has always loved hunting, a habit that is the obvious inspiration for three songs on this record. Nugent's guitar licks are inventive and exciting, evident on the soulful yet 'heavy-metal' soloing for which Nugent would later become famous. This CD is an excellent companion piece to Nugent's '70s material-with qualities that earmark Ted's early work.

Released: June 22, 1999
Record Label: Epic

  • 1. Journey To The Center Of The Mind
  • 2. Baby, Please Don’t Go
  • 3. Psalms Of Aftermath
  • 4. Colors
  • 5. Down On Philips Escalator
  • 6. Night Time
  • 7. Mississippi Murderer
  • 10. Flight Of The Byrd
  • 11. Why Is A Carrot More Orange Than An Orange
  • 12. Saint Philips Friend